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Germany_TourRoland Oehme, Tours Director of Green Harmony Tours, came up with this concept and started this tour because he has traveled to Germany many times, as his father, Wolfgang Oehme, was from Saxony, Germany and he kept in contact with friends and family. He took Roland to see many beautiful gardens, parks, and cutting edge designs in all built things. They both saw for themselves how Germany has been developing many innovative solutions to global warming and planet friendly practices.

Two things sparked Roland to start tours to Germany :

1) The recent failing of the US to take any leadership position to solve global warming or adopt environmentally friendly policies to deal with our very disruptive corporate/industrial complex

2) The near complete lack of press about BUGA, Germany 's wonderful garden show tradition or precedent setting sustainable living initiatives

Green Harmony Tours' Goals :

1) To show how Germany is becoming a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.

2) To share Germany's culture and friendly people.

3) To share ideas of how to live a greener lifestyle.

4) To operate our tours in the most earth friendly manner possible.

On our tours you will experience green living in many different venues, including Germany's unique garden shows, beautiful public parks and gardens, public arts, green building Germany Tourtechnology, brownfield redevelopment, progressive industrial design, historic places, cutting edge technology, recycling programs, climate cooling roof gardens, lively pedestrian town centers, creatively fun playgrounds, healthy hemp & organic food stores, carbon cutting solar & wind power, modern public transportation systems, delicious, healthy cuisine, and more unique and inspirational places and people.

Also, we strive to operate our tours with a green consciousness by using mass transit when possible, including carbon offesets to negate the tour's greenhouse gas emissions from air travel, limiting our consumption of resources and our output of waste, recycling when possible, and preferring to stay at ecofriendly hotels that are are nonsmoking, cater to a vegetarian diet, are convenient to walking to the city center or to a transit center, and so on.

Reasons why you will want to come on this tour:

Germany Tour 1) You will see special places that most tour companies don't know about and don't go to.
Germany Tour 2) Our tours are small groups, limited to 12, so you will have a more personal, rewarding experience.
Germany Tour 3) Our concept of showing you progressive designs in all design fields such as gardens, architecture, garden shows, transportation, and all aspects of sustainable living is unique to our tour.
Germany Tour 4) We strive to add some adventure to the tour by offering bicycling, swimming, and interesting walks and hikes to make the tour interesting and invigorating.
Germany Tour 5) We are not a motorcoach tour, so we primarily use public transportation, walking, bicycling, and large vans to get around. This way you get more of an appreciation for your surroundings and have a richer, more personal experience.
Germany Tour 6) We show you all facets of German society and culture to give you a diverse and interesting experience.

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